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Trust Overview

SHINE Academies is a growing, successful Multi-Academy Trust based in the West Midlands. Northwood Park Primary School became a SAT (Single Academy Trust) in January 2015. The Academy converted to a Multi Academy Trust - Northwood Park Educational Trust - when it successfully became an approved sponsor school in April 2015.


Since then, Lodge Farm joined the MAT as a sponsored Academy in April 2016. This was a school that was seriously under-performing and became part of the Trust to benefit from the shared expertise, vision, resources and partnership that the Trust offers.


In April 2018, Villiers Primary School joined the Trust as a ‘Good’ school, thus increasing the Trust’s capacity to support future schools.


The impact of the MAT is best demonstrated in the improvement that has been made at Lodge Farm. This was a failing school before Academy conversion took place and served a community situated in one of the most deprived awards in the West Midlands. This school had been in special measures for over three years and yet in just 9 weeks of support, Ofsted removed the special measures given the result of the recent inspection.


We have increased leadership capacity to ensure highly effective systems and structures underpin all areas of its work. A SELT (Senior Executive Leadership Team) has been established in order to allow Academy Heads of School to focus relentlessly on improving outcomes for pupils while the functions of Finance, Governance, Health and Safety, HR and IT are taken care of by highly skilled experts.


Following the success of our sponsored school, Lodge Farm, we are looking to share our expertise with further schools and create hubs, having spent time building capacity to ensure we have the foundations for successful growth.


The Trust is now in a strong position to grow. There are already many MATs in existence, with more being established going forward. Some are large national trusts whilst some others are just starting out on their journey. However, few MATs will have the same level of experience, the established systems and the successful track record of SHINE Academies.


Our existing 4 schools have a total 1559 pupils across the Trust.


In the coming years, we hope more schools will join the SHINE Academies family so collectively we can grow in strength. The Trust is well placed to support schools in the process of becoming Academies by joining our Trust. Our experience of the Academy Sector means that we can make the transition to Academy status as smooth as possible and offer support every step of the way.


The Trust is based in the North of the City of Wolverhampton, just 5 mins away from the M54.

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