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Welcome to SHINE Academies

I am extremely proud to be the Chief Executive Officer at Shine Academies, formerly known as Northwood Park Educational Trust, from its inception and am even more delighted to observe the progress of the Trust over the intervening years. This is an exciting time for SHINE Academies as we are on the cusp of expanding and by doing so ensuring that more pupils will receive the same quality education that Northwood Park, Lodge Farm, Villiers and Busill Jones Primary pupils already get. 
The SHINE Academies vision is that ‘We STRIVE in HARMONY to INSPIRE, NURTURE and EXCEL’ and our clearly stated ethos is to provide a high-quality educational experience in a safe, creative and exciting learning environment. We set high expectations for our pupils and for our staff. 
SHINE Academies offers excellent facilities and opportunities for its students, many of whom come from very challenging backgrounds. The Trust takes pride in offering its students the best possible support during their time in the Academy and in helping them to become Secondary ready. The Trust offers many varied and unique facilities for its students to help them to achieve their full potential in the future. 
Shine Academies must constantly evolve to deliver the best possible provision in our communities. We are an outward, forward-thinking organisation and must always be ready to innovate. In the same way, we want others to recognise our brand ‘SHINE Academies’ as a provider of excellent services. 
We are working hard to engender a sense of belonging. Whether a pupil, employee or someone involved in the governance of our academies, we want all of you to feel part of our family of schools. Like all families, we want the best but we are also there to support each other when things get tough. We have proved time and again that this works to all our advantages. 
Each school has its own identity and each one makes its own valuable contribution to the organisation as a whole. 
I am justifiably proud of the SHINE team. Every time we make an appointment, whether it is for a Head Teacher, a member of the support staff or for a teacher, we will always appoint people of vision who can demonstrate the commitment to the SHINE Academies ethos of the highest expectations. 
We truly value the contribution that our employees and those responsible for governance make to our success. We will continue to attract the best quality candidates to our organisation – we want SHINE Academies to be the employer of choice. 
I am in no doubt that leadership is the key driver of our future success and this is reflected throughout this Business Plan which clearly sets out the strategy for taking SHINE Academies into an even brighter future. However, every one of us adds their own dimension to the SHINE vision and through positive partnerships, we will all benefit from this. 

Our Time Line

Northwood Park converted as a standalone academy

January 2015