Message from the Chair

Welcome to SHINE Academies!


It is my privilege to be the Chair of Trustees at SHINE Academies and to introduce you to our Business Plan for the future.

Having worked with the Trust Board for five years, since it was first established, I am extremely proud to represent them as their Chair. Over these years, our Trust has grown from one school to four schools.  Our ambition is to expand this number in the near future.  Trustees are extremely pleased to see how the sharing of best practice and expertise, has led to successful achievements in all our new schools.

The SHINE Academies vision is that we ‘STRIVE in HARMONY to INSPIRE, NURTURE and EXCEL’.  Our ethos is to provide high quality educational experience in a safe, creative and exciting learning environment.  We set high expectations for our children and our staff.

SHINE Academies offer excellent facilities for learning and a wide-range of exciting opportunities for its children.  The Trust takes pride in giving all our children the best possible support to enable them to succeed in all they do.  The Trust offers many varied and unique opportunities that will ensure they reach their full potential.  In their time with us, we will do everything in our power to help them achieve their aspirations and be ready for the next stage in their educational journey.

We work hard to engender a sense of belonging.  Whether you are a pupil, employee or someone involved in the governance of our academies, we want all of you to feel part of our family of schools.  Like all families, we want the best but we are also there to support each other when things become difficult.  We know this approach works to all our advantage.

Each of our schools is unique.  Each community the school’s serve is unique.  This enhances and enriches our SHINE community as a whole.

The Trust is indebted to many individuals who support us in a voluntary capacity, this is particularly exemplified by those who are involved in the local governance of all our schools.  We recognise the immense contribution these people make in ensuring our schools maintain the highest expectations and achieve success.

I am justifiably proud of our SHINE team.  Our dedicated staff act with outstanding knowledge, skill and professionalism, whether this is the Headteacher, a member of the support staff, a teacher, an administrator or one of our executive leaders of the Trust. As we move forward, we will endeavour to always appoint people of vision who can demonstrate the commitment to the SHINE Academies ethos of excellence. 

We value all employees, and volunteers, and we will continue to attract the best quality candidates – we want SHINE Academies to be the organisation of choice.

There is no doubt that leadership is the key driver of our future success.  This is reflected throughout the organisation and is the bedrock upon which this Business Plan is built. It sets out our strategic ambitions for a bright future together as we continue to grow.  The partnerships we form, and the relationships we build, will provide a secure platform for success in all our schools and for every person in our SHINE community.  Most importantly it will ensure the brightest future for the children in our care.

Gill Bladon

Chair of Trustees