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Considering academisation? Consider SHINE! 

With the introduction of the Spring 2022 White Paper, we understand that more and more schools will be considering their options regarding academisation. 
SHINE Academies is in an excellent position to grow but we like to do things differently. We believe that we have something different to offer, so we won’t knock on your door and beg you to join us – we’d like you to find this out for yourself. 

Our Head Teachers (not Heads of School – this is very important to us!) are the best people to tell you why you should join SHINE Academies. Come and talk to them. 

Our Family Liaison team is extremely highly regarded within their local communities and external networks. Come and see how they work together to build better futures for hundreds of families. 

Funding for our schools is just that. Funding for the pupils in that school. We don’t GAG pool. Our expert central team ensure that your school remains compliant and that your teaching and learning needs are met, allowing you to focus on the reasons that  you entered education originally. 

We recognise talent and offer CPD and opportunities for personal growth. The majority of our leaders and middle managers have been promoted from within. Its not unusual for staff to move to schools within the Trust for promotion opportunities. Three out of four of our Head Teachers moved schools after achieving promotion. 

Any funding that your school carries forward is turned into great things. Really great things to improve the teaching and learning environment for your pupils. Our Head Teacher at Lodge Farm will happily show off a vast amount of internal remodelling completed over the past 6 years. Our Head Teacher at Villiers would love you to see the additional classrooms and dance studio built in 2021. Busill Jones now has a corridor between the original infant and junior school to support safeguarding (and stop the Head Teacher having to run in the rain!). As our first school in the Trust and therefore the first off the starting blocks, Northwood Park causes some envy amongst the rest of the Trust with its extensive facilities so we need to warn you before visiting there! 

Working with highly experienced professionals, our internal quality review process gives our Head Teachers assurance of their school’s standards and progress. This is a non-judgemental process, where other leaders work with you to ensure your pupils achieve their potential. 

Our staff and pupils know that they’re part of a Trust because of their support network. We recognise that being a Head Teacher can be a lonely job, but it doesn’t need to be. Our Head Teachers work together to share ideas, facilitate mentoring amongst their staff and support CPD. Their strong leadership contributes to the overall success of the Trust and provides capacity to support schools internally and externally. 

Our schools all have their own specialisms. They remain unique whilst fully embracing the ‘SHINE way’. 

We’re always open to a formal or informal conversation and our schools are available for you to visit. Why are you waiting?

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