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SHINE Academies

Senior Leadership

For leaders, who are stepping into more senior roles, facing issues involving larger teams, making decisions under pressure and balancing performance and well-being.

Senior Leadership
Senior Leadership

Time & Location

Coming Soon

SHINE Academies, Collingwood Rd, Wolverhampton WV10 8DS

About the event

  • Making good decisions in highly emotional or stressful situations. Looking at what creates pressure and how as leaders we can keep a clear head and be at our best when our best is needed.
  • Developing teams to work towards one vision and make the most of the diversity, personal characteristics and the range of strengths in those teams. 
  • Looking at the different working styles in a team and how we, as leaders, can support people and empower them to grow into their strengths, whilst complimenting and balancing the team they are in.
  • Balancing personal performance and well-being to avoid the burn-out and overwhelm often faced by the highest performers. 
  • Using the same techniques as the top professionals from some of the most scrutinised and pressurised situations, we look at how we can manage our emotions and life-style to give us the foundations, resilience and perspective needed to help us deliver and have the impact we aspire to.


“Decision-making is an increasing part of the role. Looking for ‘win-win’ options has changed the way I solve problems in my team.”

“I love the attitude of the course. I have seen for myself that, Pressure is the shadow of opportunity!

“I can see a difference in myself not just at work, but at home as well.”

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