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Busill Jones - Gold Award for Safeguarding

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Busill Jones Primary School in the West Midlands have been awarded a Gold Anchored Schools Quality Mark Award for their excellent safeguarding practice. We visited the school to complete a review and were absolutely blown away by the way in which the school has embedded such a strong culture of safeguarding.

We invited Steph Field, the Headteacher at Busill Jones, to write a short piece about her school. When you think of the word community, what does it mean to you? For us, we believe that community isn’t just a group of people living in a town, but a group of people that lean on each other when times are hard and really tough. We believe that Busill Jones Primary School is the beating heart of the community and we strive to make a lasting contribution to the lives of families in our school and beyond. We offer support, love and positive encouragement by empowering our children and families to access the right opportunities they deserve. Since September 2018, we have worked tirelessly to create a sense of belonging for all our pupils, parents and staff by ensuring we take a holistic approach to our decision making which impacts on children’s lives. We have created a trusting community because we stopped, listened and responded in times of need with no judgements attached. Our work alongside members of the community is important to us and we feel it is completely necessary to build relationships and partnerships with external agencies, charities and businesses to enable our families to receive the best there is on offer. One example of working within the community includes our Clothes Bank. We have a variety of items of clothing for both children and adults ranging in different sizes. We decided to have a Clothes Bank on site because there was a real need. We have supported families in and out of our school with winter coats, sensible shoes and even uniform. In addition to this, we also offer care packages. Everybody should have access to basic items that will keep them clean, have good oral hygiene and sanitary products. Community partnerships are absolutely crucial to the development of our children and we pride ourselves on the links we have made that support them.

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