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Teacher and Pupil


SHINE Academies is a successful Multi Academy Trust based in the Midlands with high aspirations for its schools. pupils and the community that it serves.

Our Family Liaison Team is made up of experienced professionals who can offer assistance and training in all aspects of family support, including early help intervention, internal auditing, re-integration planning, parental relationship building and working with external agencies.

As well as offering the following SLAs and school-to-school contact, we can help you to provide tailored training and support for the staff. Please indicate below if you would like further information and we will be in touch.

  • ACES and Trauma Informed Care

  • Understanding Domestic Abuse 

  • Effective Supervision 

  • Girl Talk Intervention Delivery 

  • Successful Re-integrations

  • Effective Home Visits 

  • Understanding Exploration 

  • Impact of Domestic Abuse 

  • Supporting Pastoral Policy Development 

  • Positive De-escalation 

  • Effective Case Notes 

  • Case Notes Audit 

  • Intervention Monitoring 

  • Early Help Audit 

  • Safeguarding Learning Walk

  • Pastoral Staff Development 

  • Supervision for Pastoral Teams

  • Child Observations

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