Trust Staffing Structure

Trust Staffing Structure

Gill Morris – Chief Executive Officer

Gemma Draycott – Chief Operating Officer

Marie Price – Executive Head Teacher

Katy Morgan - MAT Finance Manager

Alison Sutherland - Assistant Finance Manager

Melanie Clews – Performing Arts Director

Suki Baran - Trust Family Liaison Lead

Nerissa Heywood - Trust Deputy Family Liaison Lead

Jodie Hollies - Trust Data Manager


Natalie Boys – Head Teacher – Lodge Farm Primary School

‘Being part of SHINE Academies allows Lodge Farm children to benefit from access to a wider range of opportunities, thanks to the talented staff working in all of our schools. Skills and expertise are shared across the Trust for everyone's benefit. Staff work collaboratively and innovatively, always ensuring children are at the centre of all we do.’


Alan Rogers – Head Teacher – Northwood Park Primary School

'I am extremely proud to be part of SHINE Academies because of their commitment to helping children and developing their schools to be strong parts of their communities.


Working in a MAT is a huge advantage and the support and camaraderie across the schools means any challenges and successes are shared by all members of the Trust. The children benefit greatly from the wealth of experience, skills and passions of the staff in the Trust. We continue to grow and thrive because the depth and range of expertise rises every year.'


Lisa Rogers– Head Teacher – Villiers Primary School

‘What made SHINE Academies stand out for Villiers were the similarities between the school's ethos and the vision of the Trust. This shared ethos of striving together to inspire and nurture is evident in all schools and we are supported in how we achieve these outcomes, whilst still maintaining our identity and reflecting our school and wider community.


We constantly refer to the MAT as our family and the best thing about being a Head Teacher in the Trust, is the support which is always available and the opportunities to collaborate with and support others.’


Stephanie Field – Head Teacher – Busill Jones Primary School

‘I feel honoured and privileged to work for SHINE Academies. There is a sense of belonging as we work collaboratively, rather like a family. 


There is a great emphasis on partnership working, with colleagues from within the school and from others in the multi-academy trust. This ensures standards and expectations are consistently high. Children are enjoying the rigour and challenge of a new-and-improving curriculum and they are responding well to higher conduct expectations.

Parents and other stakeholders trust in us as we deliver the support needed for children to thrive in the 21st century.’

Suki Baran – Family Liaison Lead – Trust Wide

‘It is a privilege to work for SHINE Academies! The academy provides a warm, caring culture that acknowledges each and every person within it. There is a strong ethos towards valuing individual strengths and skill set. SHINE has embedded a positive, motivating and unique service delivery for the community. I personally have been given the opportunity to thrive within my role by developing and leading a passionate family support team. The team within the academy offers robust, child centred support to ensure every child and family matters. All who work within the academy are driven to Strive in Harmony by Inspiring, Nurturing and encouraging every individual to Excel, be it parent, child or employee.’